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Another Successful Year at the art and Wine festival

On the heels of a successful Autumn Trails Festival came another Winnsboro Favorite, The Winnsboro Art & Wine Festival. That happened this last weekend, November 10,11, 2023; the Winnsboro Art and Wine Festival was one of the year's biggest events for Winnsboro. People came from across the United States and even the world to see some of the best artists and taste the outstanding wines that East Texas had to offer.

That year was no exception; with at least 60 artists from around the world signed up to show their exceptional art in this juried show, there was sure to be something that caught your eye. At least ten wineries were also offering wine tastings at the festival. When you got hungry you might have tried one of the 12 specialty food trucks that were selling BBQ, Mexican food, burgers, funnel cakes, kettle corn, and more! There was live music and a karate demonstration on both Friday and Saturday. There was something for everyone at The Winnsboro Art & Wine Festival, so people brought their families and explored the town.

Walking through the festival, there were smiles and laughter from every booth. People were excited and eager to be there. All the samples of wine and food were delicious, and at lunch, it was hard to decide which vendor food truck to visit. As usual, the art and wine festival was a huge success!

For more information on artists, wineries, and food vendors that were there, go to:


Winnsboro Center for the Arts


Door Controls USA

Tyler Today Magazine

City National Bank

County Line Magazine

First National Bank of Winnsboro

Copperleaf Day Spa

Mineola Community Bank

Winkle Oil Co.

Dairy Queen

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