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Happy Anniversary! Couple Celebrates Rare Platinum Anniversary at Oaklea Mansion

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Couple Celebrates Platinum anniversary
Jerry and Wands Celebrate platinum anniversary

Oaklea Mansion provided the perfect setting for a platinum anniversary, offering an intimate and cozy atmosphere that larger hotels or resorts cannot replicate. It is a charming alternative, creating unforgettable memories for you and your loved one.

That is exactly what Jerry and Wanda Johnson's family decided to do for a very special occasion, as this was not an ordinary anniversary. This was their Platinum Anniversary! They were celebrating 70 years together!

Couple Celebrates Platinum Anniversary

Very few marriages make it to 70 years. In fact, only 0.1% make it that far! It is a feat that very few will get to experience. The family had Oaklea Mansion decorated beautifully with photos of the couple and photo albums of some of their favorite vacations and special occasions—memories of a lifetime together.

Jerry and Wanda worked at the Wells Lamont glove factory in 1952 in Mt. Vernon, Texas. He was very forward with her, but she gave it right back! He invited her to a ballgame for their first date, but little did she know he couldn't afford the tickets, so they listened to the game in the parking lot. This did not dampen the growing connection; they married on July 3, 1953. Again Jerry was broke, and Wanda gave her last $5 to the Nazerine priest in a church they didn't belong to marry them. Their honeymoon consisted of staying at his brother's house and milking his cows.

Of course, life was full of ups and downs. He got a good job at a refinery for $3, which was good money, and she was elected to Franklin County Clerk. They had three children and retired and traveled. Their favorite place is Alaska.

It was an amazing ceremony. The celebration that they deserved.



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