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Ima Hogg and her Winnsboro Connection

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Read about Ima Hogg and her Winnsboro Connection
The beautiful Ima Hogg

Ima Hogg was a remarkable woman who left an indelible mark on Texas history. So much so she is often referred to as "the First Lady of Texas." The daughter of James "Jim" Hogg, the first native-born Texan to be elected Governor of Texas, Ima was born on July 10, 1882, in Mineola, Texas.

Ima Hogg had a deep connection to Winnsboro, Texas, and the Oaklea Mansion, formerly known as the Carlock House. The mansion is a historic landmark that stands tall, overlooking the quaint town of Winnsboro. The Carlock House was built in 1903 by Marcus Carlock, a prominent businessman in Winnsboro. The mansion has seen many prominent residents over the years, including Ima Hogg, who was a frequent visitor to the estate as her father was a good friend and political ally of Mr. Carlock. She often stayed in Oaklea Mansions Stately rooms, perhaps watching the citizens of Winnsboro passing by while she studied and planned her next Philatropic adventure.

Ima Hogg loved art, music, and history and used her wealth from discovering oil to support these fields. She was a benefactor of the arts and helped establish the Houston Symphony, the Houston Grand Opera, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Ima was passionate about preserving Texas history and worked tirelessly to preserve historic landmarks for future generations. Several estates she preserved are still national landmarks today, and her most significant legacy is probably these properties that can still be visited today. In fact, Ima Hogg and her Winnsboro Connection may be the reason That Oaklea Mansion is still around.

She was known as a perfectionist when it came to the estates she helped restore and could often be seen inspecting every nook and cranny of the homes she owned to make sure they fit her standards; however, those close to her said she did so with kindness and grace. It makes one wonder how impressed she was with Marcus Carlocks Beautiful mansion. She loved staying there, so it must have been a delight to her. Although we have no record of her helping Mr. Carlock's family preserve their home, she must have made a clear impression on them to maintain it for future generations, as the house is still an amazing place to visit.

Ima Hogg was known for her beauty and grace when she was in town, and the citizens of Winnsboro loved her. However, she is probably best known for her generosity and philanthropy, and her impact on Texas history is still felt today. She passed away in 1975, but her legacy lives on through her many contributions to the arts and historic preservation. The Oaklea Mansion, perhaps, is a testament to her commitment to preserving Texas history and stands as a reminder of her lasting impact on the state of Texas.


It seems very odd you use her friendship to the Carlocks as a reason to visit Winnsboro, when I actually live in her grandfather's mansion, here in Winnsboro, built in 1888.

Tiffany Tillema
Tiffany Tillema
May 09, 2023
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Interesting. I have never seen that in my research. Tell me more.

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