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Winnsboro Restaurants with Keto and Carnivore Options

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Steak with salt, pepper, and herbs from Stock footage at storyblocks

Are you on the Keto diet? Carnivore, ketovore, or the Lion Diet? We surely do not want to leave you out when it comes to eating out at our excellent Winnsboro restaurants! Our last post mentioned some places you will find for vegans and vegetarians; now it's your turn. We cannot, in good faith, leave out our meat-loving, butter-loving friends.

Sinclair Market


Keto/ carnivore is not easy, but Sinclair market makes it a little simpler with the snacks in their pantry section!

Keto/Ketovore/ Carnivore

Breakfast Burrito

Chorizo & Egg, Bacon & Egg (ask for no potatoes and no tortilla)

Ham, egg, cheese Croissant (ask for no Croissant)

Charcuterie Box (pre-made. You will have to remove the crackers)

Grab 'N'Go

Keto and carnivore foods are in the refrigerated, freezer, and pantry sections.

Haven's Cafe


many things on this menu can be altered as all of Haven's food is made to order, and the friendly staff is more than accommodating.

Keto / Ketovore/carnivore

Red Raider Breakfast platter (no toast, no potatoes)

3 egg skillet plater (no potatoes)

Quiche of the day (no fruit)

omelet of the day (no potatoes)

Red Raider Cheesesteak (no bread) (no Veggies for carnivores)

Hinton's BYO Burger (no bun) (no veggies for carnivores)

Tender basket (no breading, no potatoes)


House Salad

Havens Ceasar Salad

Amelia's Favorite Chicken Salad (no bread, No chips) try over house salad

D's Salad

The Elusive Turkey Bar & Grill


The Elusive Turkey is known for its brick oven pizza, but on Friday and Saturday, the oven-cooked steak is a carnivore's dream!

Keto / ketovore/carnivore

Chicken wings (no breading)

Chicken fajitas (no veggies for carnivores)

Friday and Saturday only

Brick oven ribeye steak

Backstage Coffee Lounge


A great little place for a nice cup of coffee. No Bulletproof coffee on the menu yet.


Protein Bites


No carnivore option

Taco Dive


This little Taco place is fun and bright and has a variety of foods you can adjust to fit your needs. They also have sports to watch on TV and a full-service bar.


Any variety of Tacos can be adjusted to be without tortilla shells and for Carnivores without veggies. Choices are:

Ground beef


pulled pork


Buffalo Chicken

beef fajita

Chicken Fajita

Shredded Chicken


Cheesesteak (no cheese for some carnivores)

Chorizo (no Potato)

The Barrel House Bar & Grill


Barrel House is a locally owned restaurant with a full-service bar.


Homemade pork rinds (these are incredible)

Chicken wings

Ribeye Steak (no potatoes) (no veggies for carnivores)

Blackened Chicken (No rice) (No sauce for Carnivores)

Red Snapper (no rice) (no sauce for carnivores)

Herbed Salmon (No potatoes)

Burger/Cheeseburger (no bun, no fries) (no veggies for Carnivores)

Barrel House Burger (no Bun, No fries)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no bun, no chips)


Sweet potato fries

Chicken BLT salad

AHI Tuna Salad

Chicken Ceaser Salad

Southwest Chicken Salad

Salmon Fillet Salad

Z's Main Street


Z's is known for its old-fashioned soda shop and bar, but it also has a great sit-down menu.

Keto/ Ketovore/ Carnivore

Grilled Chicken sandwich (no bread, no chips) (no veggies for Carnivores)

Pulled Pork Sandwich (no bun, no coleslaw, no cowboy caviar, no chips)

Avacado Bacon Burger (no Bun, no fries) (no avocado for carnivores)

Mushroom Swiss burger (no bun, no onion strings, no fries) (no veggies for carnivores)

Classic Burger (no bun, no fries) (no veggies for carnivores)

Blackened Salmon (no rice)

Grilled Pork Chop (no Mashed Potatoes)

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Only

Ribeye (no Potatoes)

T-Bone (no potatoes)

NY Strip (no Potatoes)


The Vault Salad

Chicken Ceaser Salad

Red, White, and blueberry salad(grilled Chicken)

Shrimp Louie Salad

Z's Chef Salad

Salmon Salad



Nice friendly Mexican restaurant


Chicken or beef Fajitas (no Tortillas, No rice, no beans) ( no veggies for carnivores)

Blackened Chicken Breast (no rice, No Beans)

Polo Cozumel (no rice, no beans)

Pollo En Mole (no rice, no beans)

Beef or Pork Guisado (no rice, no beans, no tortillas)

La Quebrada (no rice, no beans, no tortillas)

Tampiqeno (no rice , no beans, no tortillas) (no Pico de Gallo for carnivores)

Shrimp Tampiqeno (no rice, no beans, no tortillas) (no pico for carnivores)

Carne Asada (no rice, no beans,no tortillas) (no pico for carnivores)

Beef fajitas , shrimp fajitas ,or chicken fajitas (no rice , no beans, no trotillias) ( no veggies for carnivores)

No Facebook or website was found.

East Texas Rust BBQ


East Texas Rust is only Open on Saturdays and is to-go or outdoor seating it is located in the parking area of Cypress Creek Southern Ales.


Akaushi Wagyu Brisket (expensive but amazing)



The Semper Fi Plate (no veggies for carnivores)

Pork belly burnt ends

Coyote Smoke BBQ Company

Coyote smoke is temporarily closed until they can find a new location.


Meat by the pound




Pork belly


Hope Grill and Cafe


Due to staffing issues, the menu here will be limited. Please call ahead to ask about vegan and vegetarian options, and there is usually a buffet with dietary restriction options.

Liefie Le Vine


Due to tragic unforeseen circumstances, Liefie's will be closed until further notice. Our thoughts are with this wonderful family; we hope they will eventually be back. If they re-open, I will update the list.

Where there is a will, there is a way, they say. We do not want you to stress about what to eat while you stay with us. I hope this list helps you to relax and enjoy Winnsboro all the more!


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