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Winnsboro's Hidden Gems

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The Bowery (Photo by Tiffany Tillema)

You may be thinking, "What can the small town of Winnsboro offer me during a stay at Oaklea Mansion?" You may be surprised to learn about the many hidden gems in and around this small town. You just need to start digging to find them. We will begin searching for our gems in downtown Winnsboro, within walking distance from Oaklea Mansion.

Winnsboro Historical Museum

Our first stop is the Winnsboro Historical Museum. The museum is located inside the train depot and, as its name suggests, houses the history of Winnsboro. The museum has artifacts and information about the depot and surrounding areas of Winnsboro. The museum often changes exhibits, so stop next time you are in town to see what's new! They are open on Friday and Saturday, or you can book a private tour for another day.

100 E Broadway St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Sinclair Market

Kitty-cornered from the depot is Sinclair Market. An eclectic convenience store with a little bit of everything. They have a kitchen where they sell breakfast (their breakfast burrito is terrific) and lunch. They also serve hot or cold coffee and a sandwich of the month on artisan bread that is always delicious. They have specialty candies along with the usual convenience store fare. The variety of soft drinks in the cooler will make your head spin. Old fashioned cokes in a bottle, unusually flavored colas and teas, and even kombucha and soda infused with CBD. The coolers also hold fresh foods from local farms, which vary by season. They have a grab-and-go section with prepared foods, including sandwiches and salads. Snack packs and yogurt from the local dairy. Wines and beer are also available. They have a dry goods area with canned foods and keto and vegan-friendly food. Don't forget to grab a bottle of wine or a pack of beer before you leave. This is also a great place to buy a souvenir for your friends. Don't feel like eating lunch inside? They have a large patio facing Main street, so you can people-watch as you enjoy the East Texas weather.

A little-known fact about the store, in 1942, a man was hanged here who survived to tell the story. I'm not sure the owners even know, but it would make a great trivia question when touring the town!

100 W Broadway St, Winnsboro, TX 75494


Behind Sinclair Market, you will find Beauweevils. This is an amazing Antique store with a lot of exciting items. A favorite item of the moment is the vintage Elvis Bust. This was technologically advanced for its time. He will speak and sing to you. Some think it's creepy, but It's also quite intriguing at the same time. This store was at one time two separate stores and was combined into one. If you are looking for antiques or eclectic items, this is your store. It is also one of the best-kept and beautifully arranged stores in town. It is worth a look. Don't forget to look for Weevils, the store mascot, while you are there.

205 N Main St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Copperleaf Day Spa & Salon

Do you want to be pampered while you are here? Just north of Beauweevils is Copperleaf Day Spa & Salon. Unlike many of the Spas you find in the country, Copperleaf does more than cut hair and do nails. Copperleaf has an entire menu of options for your trip to Winnsboro. You can spend as little as an hour here to a full day of pampering your body with full package options. We are talking about big-city spa treatments, including microdermabrasion, IV therapy, cool sculpting, several massage options, and the normal salon options. The menus are extensive, all medical treatments are supervised, and an MD and medical assistant are on staff at this Spa. They also have a full line of skin and hair products for sale. Copperleaf offers Big City treatments with a small-town flair. For any spa treatment, you should call ahead and make an appointment.

209 N Main St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Clara Ida Frances

Clara Ida Frances is one of the boutiques in town offering all kinds of goods. Apparel for men, women, and children, pet supplies, kitchen and bath items, designer purses, Gourmet chocolate, and more. Their home and Bath and Body collections would rival any mall in the city. They also have an upscale consignment with name-brand clothing and accessories.

219 N Main St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Finders Keepers

If you are still in the mood for antique shopping, there are Finders keepers across the street. You just never know what you will find here. There is a jewelry vendor in the front of the store with fabulous vintage jewelry that would be perfect for "something old" at a wedding! There are also a lot of homemade and western items in this store.

304 N Main St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Liefi Li Vine

By now, you must be hungry. And you are in for a real treat! Liefi Li Vine is one of the biggest secrets in Winnsboro! This restaurant is known for its South African Cuisine. The owners' Jackie and Flippie, are straight from South Africa and brought their delicious fare. With interesting sounding names such as the Happie platter and Bunny chow to the more common foods such as Pannini sandwiches and steak, you can't go wrong with whatever you choose! The soup of the day is always a hit! From peanut butter and cabbage to beer cheese to tomato basil, it's all delicious! The hospitality of this family restaurant is what you would expect from a small town but with a South African flair. The owners often come out and converse with the patrons; the staff is fantastic. The ambiance is amazing. You can sit on the Patio all year round, or if you prefer, sit in the dining room where soft music plays and is decorated in a mix of south Africa and East Texas. They often have live music on the patio. They also give away free wine (A limit of two glasses per person). This is a definite must-see on your visit.

302 N Main St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Liefie Li Vine patio (Photo by Tiffany Tillema)

Elm Street Apothecary Turn left on Elm Street, and you will find The Elm Street Apothecary. Winnsboros' own Herb shop. Besides Herbs and Teas (Some mixed as you wait), there are also essential oils, diffusers, crystals, ear candles, and more. They are always friendly and helpful. Although they are technically on Elm Street, the address is a Main Street address. No worries, It's not hard to find.

300 N Main St Suite C, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Backstage Coffee Lounge

Next, we go to Market Street. This is also known as The Bowery. It's a pedestrian walkway with benches and landscaping on the Bowery. You will find some other little gems. The first one is the Backstage Coffee lounge, Which has a lovely little lounge to enjoy tea or coffee. It also has pastries and treats. The seating is comfortable, and it smells divine. Just like everywhere else, they exude Hospitality.

217 Market St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Taco Dive

At the end of the street is a fountain sitting area where you can enjoy watching passers-by and listening to the live music at Taco Dive. Taco Dive has a wide variety of tacos, nachos and a full-service bar. They have several TVs to watch your favorite games, and the Staff is exceptional. You can seat yourself in the dining area or on the patio. The atmosphere is fun and bright.

111 E Broadway St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Winnsboro Center for the Arts

Across from the Taco Dive is Winnsboro Center for the Arts. This is a crown Jewel Of Winnsboro. The arts are very important in this area, and here is the HUB of Winnsboros' Arts District. Here you can find art classes, music lessons, concerts, and constantly changing local art and artist displays. Winnsboro has hosted many singers, such as Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, and Micheal Martin Murphy, in concert. This center has been influential in bringing the arts to East Texas and has been around for over 20 years. The empty lots next to the center were donated to create a new Performance arts theater in Winnsboro. A documentary about the Art Center has been shown in several independent film venues worldwide and has won several awards (link Below).

200 Market St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Modern Country Gallery

Speaking of Art, there is a beautiful little-known Gallery on Franklin Street Called Modern Country. Chris Brown, the owner, is an artist and loves to support other artists at his Gallery. In his gallery, you will find about every type of art imaginable. From

abstract, contemporary, and traditional styles in oil, acrylic, glass, porcelain, wood, and fiber in paintings, sculpture, and much more. He also loves the artists, knows a diverse range of art types, and loves showing as much as possible. He has a keen interest in helping student artists get to their potential. Be sure to stop in and say hi to Chris.

215 North Franklin, Winnsboro, Texas.

Cypress Creek Southern Ales

On your way back to Oaklea. You might want to stop into Cypress Creek Southern Ales for a refreshing drink. This is an actual Microbrewery in the Heart of Winnsboro. They brew their own beers and ales and have them on tap for your drinking pleasure. The available beers change throughout the year, although local favorites are often on tap.

200 E Carnegie St, Winnsboro, TX 75494

Little art Gallery and The Edison Exchange

Now that you have returned to Oaklea Mansion, you will find a little art Gallery on the front porch. It holds the art from kids and adults from all walks of life> If you see something you like, take it as a souvenir of Winnsboro but remember the next time you come to add some art of your own.

Inside Oaklea Mansion, you will find The Edison Exchange, a wonderful Antique Estate shop. The variety and style of the jewelry and watches will make your head spin. They handle the upscale estate style Jewelry and consignments. This should be a definite stop in your itinerary, and since you are staying at Oaklea it is a convenient stop on your trip.

These are some of the gems you will find in Downtown Winnsboro. There are many more to be found in the area. Come stay a while. We would love to show you around!


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