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Traveling Back in Time With Oaklea Mansion

Traveling Back in Time
Oaklea mansion in the early 20th century

Traveling back in time to the early 1900s, Oaklea Mansion stood proudly on a sprawling estate surrounded by lush gardens and towering oak trees. The mansion was a grand Victorian-style home with ornate details and intricate architectural features showcasing the wealth and opulence of its owner, Marcus Dewitt Carlock.

As you approached the mansion, you would be greeted by the sound of horse-drawn carriages arriving with guests for lavish parties and events. The front porch was adorned with elegant furniture, where visitors could relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The 2.5-story home featured huge two-story columns that were impressive for the time.

Inside, the mansion was a marvel of craftsmanship and luxury. The grand foyer featured a sweeping staircase, intricate moldings, and sparkling chandeliers that cast a warm glow throughout the space. The rooms were beautifully decorated with plush furnishings, fine artwork, and delicate china that spoke to the refined tastes of the owner.

The estate grounds were equally impressive, with carefully manicured lawns, vibrant flower gardens, and winding pathways that led to hidden nooks and crannies. The sprawling estate also included a stable and carriage house.

As you wander through the estate today, you can imagine the laughter and merriment that once filled the halls of Oaklea Mansion. It was a place of luxury and indulgence where society's elite gathered to socialize, celebrate, and enjoy the finer things in life. Mr. Carlock and his family often had important People in their homes.

The home was designed by Mr. Carlock himself and built by Jeff Frazier. Although some rooms have changed, much of it still remains as the original plans showed.

Traveling back in time
First Floor Plan

Traveling Back in Time
second floor plan

Oaklea Mansion still holds a certain charm and mystery, whispering tales of a bygone era when its halls were filled with music, laughter, and the clinking of champagne glasses.

The furnishings and Grand Staircase still fill guests with awe as they walk into the foyer and sitting room. Those celebrating special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries bring back the laughter and love that once was. Oaklea mansion is perfect as a bed and breakfast or to just explore for the day.


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