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Winnsboro Walking Mural Tour

While visiting Winnsboro, you may wonder what to do. We have many fun family(and adult) activities that should be on your radar. One of them is a self-guided walkabout tour of our murals. Some of our murals have been around for decades, and some brand-new ones were created in collaboration with the Wood County Walls project. Here is the tour starting from the South side of town:

Indian Mascot at DQ

There is a simple outline design on the wall at Dairy Queen. It is the Mascot for the local school, The Winnsboro Red Raiders. This Mural has been up for several years It is at Bexley and HWY 37. You can't miss it.

ARTIST: Unknown

Texas Train at ABC Auto parts

One of Winnsboro's newer murals is the train on the North wall of ABC auto parts facing the railroad tracks. It is a larger Mural spanning the entire wall that features a locomotive pulling a flat car with the word TEXAS on it. This is a fun, interactive mural. The X in Texas has stairs leading up to it so that you can take a photo of yourself as the X. What a fun way to remember your trip to Winnsboro! The mural is located at 200 S Main.

ARTIST: Louis Valle

Bling Tractor at the Farmers Market

Directly across 37 from ABC Auto is where Winnsboro holds its Farmers Market every Saturday from 8 to noon from April to October. While the tractor is not technically a mural, it is a must-see art installation. It is an old Farmall tractor that is now a mosaic. Decked out in bling and broken tiles, it is a very creative piece of art—the Bling Tractor is located on Main and Carnegie Street.

ARTIST: Barbra Dybala

Winnsboro Center for the Arts ( WCA) Mural

This mural is not quite finished. I will update this post when it's done. It is located on the wall of the art center on the Bowery (Market Street), across from the Depot. When done, the WCA Logo and icons will represent the many activities the Art Center provides. The bright colors are found on the WCA's new logo. The Mural is at Market Street and W Broadway.

ARTIST: Jaci Mouser

Sinclair Market Dr. Pepper Mural

This mural is reminiscent of the days when advertisements were painted on the walls of stores. Sinclair Market commissioned this sign from the artist, and it is a favorite place to take photos in town!

ARTIST: Lauren Pitre

The Butterfly Building

The so-called Butterfly building is what locals call a future venue. It is named for the metal butterflies that were installed first. Recently a butterfly mural was placed there. Is it a butterfly landing on leaves and flowers? Is it a pile of leaves turning into a butterfly? This mural is left open to the imagination. This mural is located across the alley from Sinclair Marketplace and easily visible from Highway 11.

ARTISTS: Jaci Mouser and Dennis Howard

Beuweevils Mural

Beuweevils is an eclectic antique shop behind Sinclair Marketplace. If you need something, you will find it there. The real owner of the store (in fact, the store was named after him) is Weevil, a friendly black-and-white cat who has lived there his entire 15-year life. In the alleyway is a selfie mural as eclectic as the shop. Weevil is the mural star, so make sure he is in the frame. Beauweevils is on the West side of Main Street.

ARTIST: Dennis Howard (mural) Tiffany Tillema (Weevil the cat)

Copperleaf Spa Public Mural

This Mural was painted several years ago during the early days of Winnsboro's annual Art & Wine Fair. The artist came from Tyler to draw the outlines of the flowers so the festival visitors could paint a flower. It was a fun project. The mural is in the same ally as the Beauweevil mural.

ARTISTS: The Public

Zs on Main Street Murals

Across from the Copperleaf and Beauweevils is a restaurant called Zs on Main. (You gotta try the ice cream there!) they have an outdoor patio on the side of the building. The patio has 3 Murals on the walls. The first is a Welcome to Winnsboro with an antique car and tributes to the area School. The second is two herons in cowboy boots and summer drinks in hand, um, er, foot? Super cute! And the third is a guitar. Commissioned by three different artists with three different styles. This wall is a great 3 in one selfie area.

ARTISTS: Welcome/ Jaci Mouser - Herons/ Chris Brown - Guitar / Dennis Howard

Alleyway at 314 N Main Peacock Mural

Just up Main from Zs is an old Texas Theater that was recently remodeled. It once held a senior center but is now empty. In the alley is a mural with peacocks and other birds. This mural was commissioned to cover graffiti and vandalized during the painting process. The artist just kept right on going, adding to the mural to cover the vandalism. This is also a selfie mural.

ARTIST: Tiffany Tillema

Gilbreth Memorial Library Mural

Part of the Wood County Walls project, but not technically in Wood County, the butterfly mural on Gilbreayh Memorial Library is an eyecatcher! Against a sky-blue background, we see the different stages of a Monarch butterfly among golden sunflowers. Each stage is a representation of our lives as we move through life. This Mural is located at 916 N Main Street.

ARTIST: Ivan Rouqe

Azelia House Mural 104 locust

Coming back toward town, make a left on Locust. You will find flowers at a little hideaway spa called Azalia House. On the side facing the alley (west), you will find a cute Bunch of flowers gathered on the wall. It is such a nice addition to the business.

ARTIST: Unknown

Hamilton Mural Allyway

The next road down from Azalia House is Franklin Street. A little down on the right is a small alley belonging to the Culture Club Art Gallery. On the two doorways and the wall are painted characters from the play Hamilton. The owner of the gallery made a trip to New York and loved the play so much that he commissioned the mural. He wanted something different and inspiring in town. The characters are silhouetted against a gold and copper background.

ARTIST: Tiffany Tillema

RH McCrary General Store Mural

One of the first murals in town, painted in 2003, is just across from the Hamilton mural. This commissioned mural was commissioned by the owner of the store and depicts himself and his children entering an old-fashioned hardware store.

ARTIST: Tiffany Tillema

Ghost Sign on Franklin Street

Ghost Signs are painted signage from long ago that have faded into history. This sign was uncovered when stucco was removed from the brick wall. The sign is directly across from the McCrary Mural and painted on the side of 115 Elm Street.

ARTIST : Long forgotten

Best Barber Football Mural

Really cool tribute to the Winnsboro Red Raiders Football Team. This mural is located on the West wall of 210 W Elm Street.

ARTIST Jaci Mouser

Ghost sign Behind Best Barber

Behind the building at best barber is another barely Visible Hardware store Ghost sign,

ARTIST: Long Forgotten

Door Mural on Market Street

In the alley across from the zs Mural is a doorway that was painted in the shadow of an original door that had been there at one time . Located at 207 Market Street.

ARTIST: Dennis Howard

Market Street Murals

Two empty lots that once held the Lone Republic Steakhouse are next to the art center and still on the bowery. After the steakhouse burned to the ground, the City of Winnsboro Bought the lot and Donated it to the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. The art center will build a new performing arts building there in the future. In the meantime, there are three murals to enjoy until they are covered up.

ARTISTS: Jaci Mouser, Dennis Howard. Riley Alexander

Market Street fountain leaf mosaic

After closing Market Street and turning it into a pedestrian walkway, the city built a fountain-sitting area and commissioned a mosaic to make it more attractive to the public. The winning bid was an oak leaf design.

ARTIST: design Tiffany Tillema, INSTALLATION: By Tillema & Sons Masonry LLC

Bowery Sign

Again, although not a mural, it is worth mentioning the sign built by Winnsboro ISD Students for the Market Street pedestrian walkway, also known as the Bowery.

ARTISTS: Winnsboro ISD Students

Promised land bakery murals

Promised Land Bakery is at 219 E Bradway, just down the street from Market . The bakery is home to two murals one on each side of the building,

ARTIST: Unknown

Barrel House Bar & Grill Mural

Barrel House restaurant, located at 501 E Broadway, built Eztra bathrooms from a shipping container to accommodate overflow during events. The back side of the shipping container restrooms faces HWY 11 (Broadway), and they commissioned an artist to paint a mural to beautify the container.

ARTIST: Dennis Howard

Martin Luther King Park Mural

A pocket park is located on the corner of Elm and Connie Mae Streets. With newer play areas, benches, and a creek nearby, it's the perfect place to enjoy the day with your kids or sit and read. A wonderful Mural on a short block wall pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. There has been a mural there before, but this one does the park justice. It represents the dream MLK had for justice and peace.

ARTIST: Jaci Mouser

Although this is a great walking tour, it is a moderate walk, so be prepared with plenty of water. You can drive to most of these if you are not up for a good walk.


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